Never miss an opportunity to engage with a target account again. With Drift, you can recognize and serve high-value accounts relevant and personalized content and engagement.

target account engagement

Create a Fast Lane to 
Sales for Your VIP Buyers

Your VIP buyers don’t want to fill out forms – and they shouldn’t have to. You already know they’re qualified. So accelerate the sales cycle by targeting your ABM or ICP accounts – using Drift Intel or a contact list from your marketing automation platform – to serve them personalized greetings, and automatically route in the rep who owns the account. And if the rep isn’t available, Drift’s Chatbot can even book a meeting for later.

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Give Your VIPs the White-Glove Treatment

It’s never been more important to deliver great customer experiences – and that’s especially true for your target accounts. Even on someone’s first visit to your site, Drift can instantly recognize your high-value target accounts and welcome them with personalized messages. You can build custom Drift Live Chat experiences based on where they are in your funnel, and personalize messages with their company’s name, size, and other relevant information.

Guarantee Your Sales Team Isn’t Missing Opportunities

You’re spending a lot of time and money to drive target accounts to your website. You know they’re showing up, but your sales team can’t sit on chat and wait until they arrive. With Drift’s target account engagement tools, they don’t have to – we’ll notify your reps so they can jump into the conversation, or if they’re not available, we’ll make it easy for the buyer to book a meeting on their calendar.

target account engagement

Within the first thirty minutes of connecting our target accounts to Drift, we had started conversations with key contacts at two of our target accounts. In a matter of moments, our reps had the opportunity to go from one-way email outbound to two-way conversation.

Alexander Araujo

Sales Development, Algolia

Start conversations with the right buyers at the right time